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We at AAI recommend the references listed below. Just click on the direct links provided below to read a description of the resource, as well as place an order for it.

Heal Your HipsHeal Your Hips: How to Prevent Hip Surgery-- And What to Do If You Need It
Lynda Huey, Robert Klapper, MD / Paperback / Published June 1999
Orthopedic surgeon Robert Klapper, MD, Medical Director of Cedars-Sinai Orthopedic Associates, has teamed up with Lynda Huey, who specializes in water rehabilitation and training programs with clients such as Wilt Chamberlain. In Heal Your Hips, they present a self-help program for pain relief. You will learn how to take an active role in getting the right diagnosis, what to do for less pain, and how to get started with pool exercise. Then the book presents both deep-water and shallow-water aquatic therapy exercises to avoid or recuperate from hip surgery, and stretches to do on land. If you have had hip surgery or you want to avoid it, this book will be a valuable guide. The book is clearly illustrated with photographs.- Review excerpts from Joan Price, 224 pages.

Water DanceWater Dance: Water Fitness for Mind, Body, and Soul
Juliana Larson / Paperback / Published May 1999
Water Dance explores water fitness exercises for healing, strengthening and overall fitness. "Aquatic programs, such as Juliana's Water Dance, can help with individual fitness and improved daily living"- Bruce Becker, MD, author of Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy. "Juliana Larson has written an excellent book about how to use water for rehabilitation, fitness, and enjoyment. I highly recommend Water Dance"- Richard Brown, PhD, Water Fitness Consultant. 240 pages. Amazon 5 star rating.

Water WorkoutsWater Workouts : A Guide to Fitness, Training, and Performance Enhancement in the Water
Steve Tarpinian, et al / Paperback / Published 1997
This pathbreaking look at aqua aerobics, deep-water running, and swimming for all fitness enthusiasts includes information on equipment, technique, workouts, and rehabilitation, plus guidelines on heart rate monitoring, nutrition, and flexibility, and strength. 50 line drawings. 160 pages. Amazon 5 star rating.

The Complete Waterpower Workout BookThe Complete Waterpower Workout Book : Program for Fitness, Injury Prevention, and Healing
Lynda Huey, et al / Paperback / Published 1993
An expert on water exercise and a physical therapist, Lynda Huey presents a detailed water-exercise program for individuals of all fitness levels that is designed to protmote health and enhance injury and postsurgical rehabilitation. 25,000 first printing. 200 photos. Amazon 5 star rating (out of 5 possible).

Competitive SwimmingSports Illustrated Competitive Swimming: Techniques for Champions (Sport's Illustrated Winner's Circle Books)
Mark Schubert, Heinz Kluetmeier / Paperback / Published 1990
If you are looking to improve your stroke, this is the book to read! Highly recommended for those looking to improve stroke technique. Amazon 5 star rating.

Teaching Kids SwimmingVideo: Teaching Kids Swimming with John Naber
Starring: ESPN Teaching Kids, John Naber
VHS, NTSC format (for use only in US and Canada)
This video gives you positive ways to educate your children to swim safely, and covers the best techniques for beginners. Amazon 5 star rating.

Aquatic Rehabilitation
Richard G. Ruoti (Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1996
This outstanding clinical text serves well as an educative tool for both students and practitioners. Coverage includes the scientific foundations of aquatic rehabilitation, applications to specific patient populations, varied approaches to aquatic rehabilitation, and facility design and risk management. Over 200 line drawings and black/white photographs explain and enhance the text. Amazon 5 star rating.

Fitness Aquatics Fitness Aquatics
Leanne Case / Paperback / Published 1996
Fitness Aquatics is the perfect training guide for swimmers, aquatic fitness instructors, or anyone interested in getting fit through water exercise. This easy-to-use book features 60 color-coded workouts organized into six training zone according to the length and intensity of exercise. Three sample training programs allows readers to customize their routines. 167 pages, 40 illustrations, 35 in color.

Water Fun and FitnessWater Fun and Fitness
Terri Elder / Paperback / Published 1995
A handbook of 99 stunts, games and exercises for nonswimmers and swimmers of all skill levels. Written for aquatic and recreational specialists who work with large, integrated groups of K-12 students, the book is packed with reader-friendly features like a grid to help instructors evaluate students and an Activity Finder that shows whether a game is for swimmers or nonswimmers, required equipment, and variations of the game.

Comprehensive Aquatic TherapyComprehensive Aquatic Therapy
Bruce E. Becker (Editor), Andrew J. Cole (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1997
"An excellent and useful resource for physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and others who wish to employ aquatic therapy as an adjunct to the rehabilitation process." - Journal of Orthopadedic and Sports Physical Therapy

"I highly recommend this book as a resource for the new and experienced aquatic physical therapist. The book has several excellent illustrations, pictures, and a case study to help the reader to understand the concepts."- Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy.

Aquatic Therapy Programming : Guidelines for Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Joanne M. Koury / Paperback / Published 1996
"Explains how to design, implement, and manage an aquatic therapy program, detailing six phases of assessment, strengthening, coordination and cardiovascular conditioning, sport-simulated skills development, transitional aquatic therapy, and maintenance and fitness. Offers 28 specific plans of care for the treatment of orthopedic injuries, with descriptions and b&w photos, and discusses administrative concerns of aquatic therapy facility managers. For aquatic rehabilitation specialists, athletic trainers, sport physical therapists, and aquatic administrators." - Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Aquatic Exercise Therapy
Andrea Bates, Norm Hanson / Paperback / Published 1996
320 pages. Amazon 5 star rating.

Water Fitness After 40 Water Fitness After 40
Ruth Sova, Julie See / Paperback / Published 1995
207 pages

The NEW Wet WorkoutThe New W.E.T. Workout : Water Exercise Techniques for Strengthening, Toning, and Lifetime Fitness
Jane Katz / Paperback / Published 1996
224 pages

HydrorobicsHydrorobics : A Water Exercise Program for Individuals of All Ages and Fitness Levels
Joseph A. Krasevec, Diane C. Grimes / Paperback / Published 1989
224 pages, 2nd edition

Fantastic Water WorkoutsFantastic Water Workouts/Low-Impact Water Exercises for Health and Fitness
Marybeth Pappas Gaines, Marybeth Papas Gaines / Paperback / Published 1993
176 pages

Water Works VideoVideo: Water Works
Karen Westfall
VHS / NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only)

Deep Water Exercise for Health and Fitness
J. Glenn McWaters / Hardcover / Published 1988

Aquaerobics, Sr. : Easy Pool Exercises for Seniors
Dorothy V. Kelly / Paperback / Published 1993

The Aquatic Handbook for Lifetime Fitness
Jane Katz / Paperback / Published 1996

The Complete Prenatal Water Workout Book
Helga Hughes / Paperback / Published 1989

Aquatic Exercise
Ruth Sova / Paperback / Published 1992

The All-American Aquatic Handbook : Your Passport to Lifetime Fitness
Jane Katz / Paperback / Published 1996

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