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AFA provides the most versatile buoyancy-based equipment on the market for aquatic exercise, cross-training, swim lessons and therapy. Contact them at, phone: (704)-692-9558, fax: (704)-696-1693.

Looking for a quality swimsuit for your aquatic fitness or therapy workout? Look no further than Wilton, NH-based manufacturer H2OWear, Inc. From tanks to body suits, dress sizes 4 to 28, post-mastectomy suits, suits with support, tights, shorts, and pullovers, the WaterWear Catalog brings you a wide variety of appropriate chlorine-resistant apparel.
Call 1-(800)-321-SUIT or EMail: Be sure to ask about H20 AQUA-PRO, Water Wear's discount/incentive program for Aquatic Professionals.

Manufacturer and Distributor of aquatic exercise strength-training equipment.

Water Exercise Videos and Instructional Materials

In order to purchase Terrell Dougan's products below, please contact her at:
Terrell Dougan
The Splash Company
1813 Fort Douglas Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84103-4493
Phone: (801) 582-5657
  1. Water Instructors Home CompanionThe Water Instructorís Home Companion
    This 66-page manual is dedicated to anyone who wants to become a water aerobics instructor, whether in a public pool or your own pool at home. It covers the following:
    • How to format a good water exercise class
    • Working each muscle group for a great workout
    • The use of music and music suggestions
    • Teaching on deck or in the water
    • Teaching tricks to keep them coming back
    • Dealing with problem clients or problem environments
    • Special populations and teaching the mixed class
    • Publicizing your class
    • How to get certified
    • And much more
    Price: $12, $4 shipping and handling

  2. Water Instructors Home CompanionCreate Your Own Water Workout Video
    Dedicated to anyone who owns or lives near a pool and wants to get started in water exercise. This is the way for your body to become more flexible, stronger, and reduce its aches and pains at any age. this half-hour video covers what makes a good water workout, great moves for major muscle groups, use of equipment, and starting your own class. Watch it in your home and take the ideas to the pool along with your boombox and your favorite music. Itís like having your personal trainer give you tips before you head for the pool. Watch it several times and youíll have enough good moves to start your own class with friends and neighbors if you want to.
    Price: $12, $4 shipping and handling
    Special Price for both products: $20, with $4 shipping and handling

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